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violinist/fiddler, arranger/composer

"When words fail, music speaks."

Hans Christian Andersen

Karley Parovsky is a dynamic Regina based violinist/fiddler, teacher, composer and arranger.  When she is not sharing her passion for music with her students at the University of Regina's Conservatory of Performing Arts she can be found playing with the Regina Symphony Orchestra and countrypolitan band Wolf Willow. Most recently Karley can be found working on her first solo project, Me, Myself & I[solation].

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Exploring the theme of Isolation, Karley Parovsky used her time during the first COVID lock-down to sit with the uncomfortable emotions arising from isolation to see where they led her. Realizing that her emotions were not unique to her own experience, Karley started inquiring into the experience of others. The music on her first EP is an exploration of an array of emotions that she identified as predominant throughout the pandemic. Combining fiddle chops with classical harmonizing and song form Karley's music is genre bending. Written for multiple violins (Karley’s main instrument) and viola, the album explores and contrasts emotions such as isolation and solitude, love and longing, anxiety and resilience, nostalgia and loss, hope and impatience.

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